Monday, October 15, 2012

Work Life (Jan-Oct 2012)

I seldom blog about work, and if when I do blog any, it's usually nothing much really. heh.
Today is going to be another long post.. because it's going to be almost a year's worth of ramblings. :P

I'll start with how I joined this current company.

After leaving my previous company I was looking for new working environment.

In the west area of Singapore, preferably accounts admin related and a contract position where they would allow me to take leave as and when needed to settle housing and wedding stuffs. Got the job through an agency and after 2 interviews (1 with the agency, 1 with the company), I got the job.

I was happy to take the job even though there was a significant pay cut from my previous job. The responsibility is a lot lower, paid OT hours, no need to work on weekends and I could even go home on the dot if I want to. In fact even though I spent the first 2-3 months clearing a bit of backlog and did quite many hours of OT, it was still overall a rather relaxing job as compared to my previous job in the finance line.

In fact it's so much less tense, that after trying for a couple of month, I've got Winnie. :D

Heh. Off Topic a little. We did tried really hard. With ovulation kit and stuffs but my period's kinda irregular which makes it really not that easy for us. Plus, during the same period we were packing and moving from his aunt's place to my in-law's place, settling all the "getting our own house ready" stuffs and also all the customary wedding stuffs. Thinking back, I still believe it's 天意 (god's will) that I had to leave the stressful finance line. Maybe one day I'll be back in the line but for now I just want to relax and give my best to the little one.

In late April, found out that I was having Winnie but due to my weak body I had to keep taking leaves/mc to see GP/Gyne. From May to June I took some leaves, moved into M&C Den, did a bit of wedding preparations and of cause the actual wedding day itself.

I didn't have an easy pregnancy and had to keep taking sick leaves and MCs in the past few months. It was so bad I felt like I wasn't able to properly contribute and therefore decide to leave the company. Lots of people felt I could just hang on for another month or so and I would get my Maternity benefits (at least 1.5month worth of paid leave till end of contract). I'm glad they understand when they knew I couldn't take the risk especially after what Doctor told us.

It's the first time I had a proper closure with 3 really good farewell lunches and lots of mooncakes from vendors. :D  Nothing beats working your hearts out and being appreciated. It leaves a very sweet feeling like every extra effort you've put in in the past is recognised. My supervisor even asked if I wanted to go back after giving birth. I did actually plan to take a couple of years to look after the little one, to give her the care and love she needs, but we'll see how things goes eh.. :)

Thanks everyone for the love and care. I'll bring Winnie to find you girls soon! :)

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