Thursday, October 18, 2012

uglyfatchick is a lazy cook.

It's no secret that I've both parents who can cook good meals and me, I'm not such a good cook.
In fact, I always think if I'm not so lazy and not so anal about washing the dishes, maybe one day I can be a good cook... okay, maybe with some training.. :P

Since I'm staying at home now, I fix my own meals more often now. At least 2 meals at home each day and this is the best way to save money. :)

Most often, the food I fix are really simple because I don't like hassle. Toast, simple sandwiches, porridge.. Most recently I started doing Salads!

They are the most simple to do and yet healthy. :D
Okay, simple cause hubby buys the vegetables and does the washing of vegetables for me too. Heh.

Underneath this layer of ham is a lot of veg I swear! :P
Why don't bake beans come in smaller cans?

 This is with toasted ham and canned tuna (bread spread).

On days I'm in the mood, I can cook fish slice porridge, egg with lup chong and boiled vege..

With special sauce hubby bought from his chef friend. It's really really good!!
It's my favourite salad sauce! :D I think there's sesame in it. :)

Fuss free healthy meals. Heh.

Minced meat sauce pasta. Just need to boil the pasta, fry the minced meat and cook with the sauce (bought from NTUC). Pour cooked sauce over pasta and we're done.

Bah. I still haven blog about the rice thingy I said I wanted to blog about. :P
Okok.. I go find the photos I took like so long ago first... :D


Young Werther said...

Looks quite delicious! If you were really lazy, just call KFC :p

heavy hedonist said...

Roast any combo of veggies in a little olive oil-- the oven does most of the work, and then when it comes out, you sprinkle with a little salt or soy, and some nice vinegar, and boom, a great winter salad.

Hey, not everyone loves to cook. It's not a moral requirement!

Peace, Mari