Friday, October 05, 2012

New Job Titles!

Am totally jobless now. 4th October was my last day at work.
Tendered to “养胎” (rest well and keep myself and the baby safe). ♡

My husband says I'm considered self employed since I still have my accessories blogshop/gmarket Qoo10 page to look after. Seriously? I've not even gotten half of my capital back yet. oh wells.. Just have to be more focus from now.. (Once I get my camera lens back from the service center that is...)

Even though I'm officially not working, I've got myself many new job titles.. One of it it's something I welcome back with open arms! Read on and guess which is it. :D

Technically I don't do much housework but I do fix my own meals (cereal + milk?), wash my own dishes, put clothes into washing machines, fix my bed when I wake up. See I still do "housework" right? :P

Security Guard/Receptionist
Look after the house, not allowing uninvited visitors into the place, sign for parcels or letters from the postman/deliveryman, ask for identifications when anyone want to comes into the house, take note when my boss (husband) says he is expecting someone.
Job benefit? My boss doesn't need me to dress up in OL clothes (office lady) or Security uniform for this job!

Package received. :)

Maid / Domestic Helper
My husband says I'm a rather lousy one who can't cook (proper meals) and can't clean (no mopping, no carrying heavy stuffs). but once baby comes out I'll be the best provider okay.. so now is training phrase!!

Thus far, I can open can food, toast bread, put peanut butter on bread, boil water, steam or reheat food, cook instant noodles, make/stir my own maternity milk, cook plain porridge, fry a bit of stuffs and cook Ketupat! Which reminds me I need to blog about that "achievement" soons! :P

My favourite maternal milk so far! Chocolate favour de! Heh.

Yes! I'm finally back into blogging.
Everytime I work or study full time, my blog stats takes a plunge. Now that I'm like "jobless" or rather without a regular full time job, I can finally get back to do some blogging!! All those reviews I wanted to do, all those events I wanted to blog about! So many things!! I've like tons of photos in my MacBook that shouts to be seen!! Plus now I don't only blog on, I also nag it out on

Little Dragon Baby is all about my pregnancy, how I feel, what I went through and stuffs.There's nothing much yet just about ten posts, but I'll be updating some stuffs soons! Especially about the classes I've just been to! I must blog about that!! If there's any sponsors for good diapers, baby wears, baby cots or what's not, must contact me k.. I've a lot of friends who are pregnant now too! Although most of their babies are boys and mine's a little girl but you know she'll be as adorable as her mummy! :D

Uglyfatchick will still focus on the usual stuffs. Eg.
Shopping, online shopping, grocery shopping, shopping malls, shopping experience/review. 
Food, food reviews, what I cook (that is edible & maybe not-edible), food with family/friends.
Beauty Products, Cosmetic / skincare reviews, backlog of bellbox blog entries!!
Events and Entertainment, dramas, TV series, movies.
Others like gadgets (not so much cause no money to buy lah. Got anyone out there want to sponsor me gadgets to try? I l can do simple layman point of view on cameras, games, smart phones, and even very good ovens (what I have now is a very louya one but it toasts bread so I can't complain!
A camera would be very good though cause my current camera's lens is at the service center and wouldn't be out within the next 2 weeks. :'(

So dearest and the ever so kind Sponsors and Advertisers quickly come find me okay!
Email to, thank you very much. :D


Young Werther said...

You forgot BOSS!

That's what hubbies normally call the missus!

esthermii said...

Congratulation..Happy staying at home.just rest more n relax.
N read your Winnie blog..

Poor thing..u vomit alot. Suffering alot.
Lucky now u overcome it..

If you still unwell.go see Chinese doctor.. it better than take west medical

Do buy Those homemade soya milk machine. made your own soya milk.great for baby..fair fair..

Hope to see your blog more!
take care♥♥

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Young Werther: Now my husband is THE BOSS. Until the little one comes out though...

Esther : Yeah. now no more vomiting le but got other issues. :(