Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Malaysia Boleh! at Jurong Point (Singapore)

*Post update - as of July 2013, Yoshinoya and Popeye has opened their stores at Jurong Point!* Another new eating place opens at Jurong Point.

With the Japanese street and fast food chains at Level 1 and B1, Foodcourts at Level 2 & 3,  the new MOF/Lenas, various new chinese/hongkong eateries on level 2 & 3, Wendys between Jurong Point and the MRT station, and all the snacking places, cafes, bakeries, desserts stalls situated everywhere, Jurong Point has slowly become the FOOD Mall.

The only few popular chain restaurants that I know that are not in this mall are
1. Pasta-mania (I have no idea why they didn't open an outlet here?)
2. Sakae Sushi (they have an outlet just opposite and another one a couple of bus stops away so they didn't need to have one inside this mall I guess..)
3. Popeye (Maybe cause there's too many fast food in this mall, KFC, Wendys, Mac Donalds, Carls Jr, Mos Burger, Burger King, Long John, Swensons, Pizza Hut, Subway..)
4. Yoshinoya (This one I also have no idea why they don't have an outlet here. :p)
5. Jack's Place (There's a outlet just opposite, at SAFRA)

There's a whole list of food stores in Jurong Point's Website. Here.

I don't know if there's another mall in Singapore with this many eating place. If you know of any, can you let me know? :)


Just opened! Super crowded!
Gonna wait till the craze dies down a little before trying the food there..

Apparently it's like a "food street" style with many famous stalls I think. Quite interesting to have a food street in a mall but the space is really too small. The lane for customers to walk in is so packed it reminded me of Taiwan's Night Market. heh. Suddenly want to fly to Taiwan and enjoy the year end cold weather and nice food. :p

Yeah, so I had no guts to walk in there on my own.  Not now at least. Not with my tummy really! I'm so short that not many people realise I've a tummy. -.-' Just walk pass the place and I nearly got knocked twice. Didn't help that the walkway had a whole stretch of congratulatory flower stands...

Maybe If I'm in the mood I could dropby one of the afternoon to see what food they have so I can report here yeah? :)