Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why doesn't ebay allow sellers to leave buyers negative feedback? & Singapore's Speedpost don't do postal above 2kg?

So a "customer" asked for free registered post and we decide to make it a special deal and agree to post some collapsible boxes (free registered post) to the "buyer". However due to the post office saying they don't do registered or speedpost for 2+kg?? We decide to be nice and deliver the items. Even though it's raining we decide to take a cab down because we don't want to disappoint our customers.

Seeing since we delivered by hand, he asked to check the items. Being nice and all we decide to let him check and guess what? He says the item is not what he wants and wants a full refund. He either doesn't understand the word collapsible or he's taking us as idiots.

Gave him a full refund and wasted $26 cabbing to and fro on a rainy night.
Worse is ebay doesn't allow us to leave a negative feedback to warn all other sellers to be careful when dealing with customers like these.

Another thing is I don't get why the Singpost staff says speedpost doesn't deliver a parcel that's about 2+kg? I thought they do delivery of up to like 20-30kg? Oh well.. Guess today's a really really weird day for me. :(

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Young Werther said...

That's interesting but with eBay AU I can leave negative feedback to buyers.

Had a big box too big for Aussie Post. Found a door to door courier service, cheaper, insurance and signed receipt too :) Very Happy!