Saturday, September 29, 2012

After months of moving in we finally got ..

A DVD player!

The reason why we finally got it.. it's because...
I want to watch this!
The Mentalist Season 1 to 3. :D

So I suddenly felt like a mountain tortoise (ignorant) because you know there's always an extra remote control when you buy a dvd player right? I found out that my dvd player's remote can control my TV too! :P

 So you see the smaller controller is for the DVD player and there's this White Box at the top right corner.. Those 4 buttons controls the TV! So I only need to use the DVD controller most of the time!

Feel kinda outdated already.
The last time I used a player, it was some lousy brand VCD player that we use to play Tom and Jerry cartoon for my brothers. heh.

Before the lousy VCD player, it was those tape recorder thingy I think it's called VHS or something? Still remember putting in tapes to record movies I like and kept re-watching them until the tape spoil and finally the machine spoil too. :P Think that's like year 2000 or something. 12 years have past and now the DVD player is only about a third of the size of the old tape player?

If only I could get my hands on those tapes again... Those precious movies. precious memories.. all thrown away already. :( oh wells.. At least now I've got my Mentalist DVDs to watch. :D

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