Sunday, September 30, 2012

98th Monthiversary ($4 neoprint / S$9 Weekend Movie)

So some of you might have seen my Twitter/Facebook update..
"98th Monthiversary celebration. Really enjoyed myself today. Shutter bus ride, $4 neoprints, $9 movie tickets, Japanese pasta/pizza dinner."

Honestly it's just supposed to be a normal weekend but I was on this super impromptu mood. :P

We decide to go Bugis temple to pray for safety of Winnie. Since we're going towards the east side, I decide to meet a customer to pass her her item at Paya Lebar Mrt pickup/drop off point. While waiting for her we notice the there's a FREE shutter bus to I12 Katong Mall and it piped the impromptu streak in me instantly.. heh.

Got on the shutter bus and off we go to a place we've never been to. Like totally "adventurous".
I know I know.. it's only a MALL. But consider I've been a really very good girl, I stayed at home for almost all the weekends since I knew of Winnie's existence leh!! So off we go to explore this new place. :D

75% of you came in here to find out about the S$4 neoprint right?

It's been years since we last took neoprints (photo stickers). So still feeling impromptu-ish. We decide to try the machine at a corner of Timezone arcade. Best decision ever! It's only S$4 and we had ALL the time in the world to decorate it because this machine has this program that as long as there's no customer inside taking photos, there's no time limit!

 Short video I took while waiting for our photos to be printed..

So another 20% of you came in to find out where did I watch movie on a Weekend for S$9 a ticket right? :P

Since the mall's not that packed, we decide to check out their movie theater to see if we can catch a movie. We managed to get tickets to watch TED, on my favourite aisle seat! on the 2nd last row, 20-30mins before the movie starts! The best deal? I actually brought out hubby's Safra card and there's a discount for movie tickets! Instead of the usual S$11 per ticket for Sunday, we paid S$9 per movie ticket! :D Saved S$4. Heh.

By the way, movie's not that bad but too much swearing really. I felt Winnie kicking and punching me almost throughout the whole show. -.-'

Before the movie, I suddenly wanted to go get my brow threaded and went down to check if Browhaus had any slots. And yes they finally did! I finally manage to get to use my package which is kinda expired! I bought it in 2010 (paid half) and didn't have any chance to use it at all until today!! They are always forever booked with no slots at all even if I call or walk in to try to book 2weeks in advance!!

Does anyone knows if Browhaus can share package? I was told that they will help me extend for another 3-4 months and I still have about 3 uses (Brow + upper lip) or something, hoping I can get a friend to go with me or something, if not it'll be wasted leh. :(

Wow. I blogged this much!! If you're still reading this..

After movie, we decide to have Dinner and to be really honest there's really a huge variety of food there! Most of them are food I like and some shops I've seen them only in town area! Had a hard time choosing what to eat because there's simply too much choices to choose from..

Decide I didn't want to have any beef today because I just went to temple to pray and I thought I should abstain from beef for a while.. And we made the choice to have pasta at this Japanese restaurant which we've tried at their City Link Mall outlet. :)

The only place we eat pasta using chopsticks. :D

This TEA is Bitter and Super Expensive! I shall not be doped again!!

Realise hubby have slimmed down. He's starting to look really tired too. :(
Am I stressing him too much? :(

Our half and half pasta set. These 2 pastas, with 1 mini sized miso soup + 2 teas + Pizza came up to about $50+ . And I prefer the City Link Mall branch. Pasta's not so oily. :D

Funny plastic bag for pizza box.

Supposed to be for supper but now half of it is going to be next day's lunch. :p

Duck Pizza.. Not bad..

Surprise present from a love one.

She came over, cleaned up my place and left these for us.
She's always there for me and always doing things for me.. I feel like a terrible daughter. Why didn't I study harder and earn more money so she can live comfortably and not have to look after me even when I'm going to be a mum myself?? :(

This became supper. :D and a bunch of grapes. and fresh milk. heh.

Oh well. I guess this is the end of the post.
Hope you enjoy reading this long wordy post. :p


Young Werther said...

wow, doesn't time fly.. 98 months already!


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Yeah. 2 more months to 100 months. hahas.