Monday, June 25, 2012


Actual Day also known as AD, refers to the actual wedding dinner day.

Most of you following my blog for a long while would know I've been officially/legally married to my husband in 2009.

We took our wedding photos in 2010.

And last Friday 22nd June 2012, we finally had our customary wedding.
Only posting 2 collages cause I'm lazy to sort the 900+ photos to blog... :p

AD Morning

AD Dinner

Really thankful to all SISTERS and BROTHERS who helped out that day! There's just so many things that we can't do on our own.

Sidenote: So glad it's finally over! Now counting down to the next milestone..


Anonymous said...

u expecting???

Nonnie King said...

congrats Christina!
Your wedding looks fun and beautiful!

Young Werther said...

Waaaa.... so cute!
What would BC stand for then?


esthermii said...

congrat congrat!!finally !!!hope to hear the good news!!!Baby!!!jia you!

Pigggy said...

R u expecting mrs weeeeee????

Tess and Jess said...

Love your photo collages! I am sure it was had to JUST pick those photos to share :)

Defector said...

Young Wether, i would suppose it can be known as "Before Customary" haha

Lee Young Hyun said...

Happy wedding~!.]

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happy blogging!