Friday, May 18, 2012

Find out how much you can save...

There's this very cool calculator that helps smokers to calculate how much they can save if they quit smoking..

Click here to check how much you can save!

All you need to do is key in how many stick you smoke a day..
It'll calculate the the amount you would save in a month and a year if you quit smoking.

If you used to smoke 1 stick a day and you quit smoking.
You would save S$16.80 a month or S$204.4 a year.
Doesn't sound like much? Average smokers that I know of smokes about 1 pack a day.
Heavy smokers can smoke 2-3 packs a day!

So if you smoke about half a pack a day and you decide to be considerate to yourself and your loved ones..
You would save S$168 a month or S$2044 a year.
S$2044! You can buy a new gadget or bring your love one out on a short distance vacation or even both!

So if you're the average smoker and finally one day you decide to be a better and healthier person.
You would save S$336 a month (Can cover utilities bill every month!) or S$4088 a year!
S$4088 can be used to do a mini makeover for the house! or you can finally have extra cash for the rainy days! No more fear of the unknown future!

Maybe you're well to do and think that S$4088 is a small sum of money where you can afford to spend. Or maybe you think spending S$4088 for leisure is acceptable and you can quit whenever you want. Or you can't stop because it makes you feel good and relives you of your stress. It's a long term habit that you can't change and wouldn't change since it suits you well up till now. Or you've tried but was unsuccessful a couple of times and you've given up totally.

Whatever the reason, you know you're just self-deceiving and slapping your own face.
It takes determination to quit. Yes it's not easy. Spending S$4088 a year putting your health and your loved ones health in danger just doesn't seem right. I'm sure there are other better and healthier ways to relive stress that may or may not cost as much.

Just my 2 cents worth.