Saturday, May 19, 2012

bellabox - May 2012

Read some twitters about how awesome their May boxes are before my box arrive, was looking forward to it until I saw what's in my box. :(

I even saw a review that their box includes some Japanese brand makeup.. Why not me. :(

So this is my May BOX..

First impression. Oh they took away the pink box inside. Ok, I've no place for those boxes anyway..

 Envelope! Is it something awesome like a cash voucher? Cause it's my bday month! :p

Oh. It's just mailers put in an envelop. So I was happy for no reason. -.-

I like this new bag. Can put my junks in there. :D

And there's all the items all laid out...

This was a major turnoff cause I've tried this before and it doesn't suit the condition of my scalp. :(

This looks alright. Not sure if I can use it though. Will read more about it..

This one looks rather cute. Might try it out. Hopes it's not too "rich" for me..

I can't use this item. :( Anyone wants this?

Youth guard cream. Even though it's free from Parabens, SLES, Mineral Oil, Animal Testing, Allergenic and Fragrances. I'm still wary of creams due to past experience. :(

My disappointment in every box comes with the fact that I actually choose to subscribe to Bellabox cause I've read reviews saying they focus more on makeup items. Unfortunately that's not true for my boxes. :(

I read reviews comparing a few of these subscription boxes and decide on this cause the others main focus seems to be on skincare which I find that I have unique skin that just doesn't react the same as everyone else.

For skincare it would take about 2 weeks usage to better gauge if the product suits me but makeup suitability shows rather instantly. To test if the eyeliner smudges over time or whether the lipstick stays, it just take less than a day for me to determine if the product is a go or no go.. On rarer occasions that I'm having a bad skin day, at most it's 2-3 different days of usage and I can tell if the item is truly my new favourite product. If it doesn't work for me, the damage is not that great because I don't use it day in, day out..

For skincare it just takes more effort and in the worse case, if the product doesn't suits me, my skin condition would become worse! Especially if you can't choose the product according to your skin type. E.g. 20s using skincare for 40s or combination skin using products for dry skin just doesn't work it.

Well, you may disagree with me. but there's my 2 cents worth on these samples stuffs. :D


esthermii said...

maybe next mth box wil be improve??

KHISTN said...

well I think that you belle box looks nice! :)

KHISTN said...

I think your belle box looks really nice. It' s sad that in my country I have no opportunities to order them.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

wen, hopefully loh..

Khistn: There's another company i think call vanity trove or something that sends their boxes overseas..

Jordan said...

Sorry to hear you didn't really like this one :/ maybe the next one will be better? Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I'm new to blogger and would like some constructive critisism :) -Jordan