Saturday, April 28, 2012

bellabox - April 2012

This month's post is late because they send out the box late and I haven got the time to open it. :D

This month's theme is Flawless Beauty.
First idea that came into my mind was some really nice foundation or something like that..

 Box's really heavy and I got all excited opening it. :D

 The goodies for this month.

Not too happy with this product because..
I have combination and sensitive skin but this is for normal to dry skin. :(
Makes me wonder do they send the same items to everyone and if so, why did they let us fill in the beauty profile page. -.-''

Seems like a good mask, should be good enough for 1 use.

I'm quite excited about this. SPF25 PA+++. hahas
Tried on my hand, seems alright, not sticky, quite smooth actually. Going to try on my face later. :p

Yet to try this. :p Looks unique though.

These bottles made the whole box so heavy...
For some medical reason, I cannot drink this right now. :(
Anyone want to give this a try?

That's all for this month's box. Can't wait for next month's box to reach me soon! :D

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