Monday, March 19, 2012

Happycall Double Sided Pan

After seeing so raves for this pan. I finally bought it when I had 2 discount coupon in Gmarket. :p After discount I only paid $52.90. :p

There were people saying they bought the pan for 70+ and I felt bad enough when I say I only paid 50+ for it. :p Anyway, there's other HCP, like the Deeper Pan or Jumbo Grill Pan and stuffs.. and they come with some Free Gifts too! :p

I've received my HCP and can't wait to use it. :p
After I move in to my new house, will try to review it. :D
Healthier home cooked food, here I come!!!

1 comment:

Young Werther said...

Cheat! Too easy to flip that pancake !!