Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comfy Shorts and Comfy Tee

I wear T-Shirts and Shorts so often that most of them start to show signs of wear... The other day I was "surfing" on Gmarket, came across some sales going on in a shop that comes with free shipping, so I bought some tops and shorts. :D

Okay, to be exact, 2 Tops and 3 Shorts. :P

Ordered on 15th March, items delivered around 9days later.

Wrapped up in black plastic..

My package.

3 Shorts

2 Tees

Bought 3 colours and Beige's my favourite out of the 3. Red is really bright. :D Blue is thicker in material and reminds me of some boys school shorts!!

Label looks a bit weird, doubt it's the original forever21. Looks small but fits alright. Quite comfy. :)

Compared blue's Size L with Red's Size M. Difference in size is not that significant.
I bought it at 10.90, now Helwa-Fashion is selling the shorts at 8.50 only! :(

As for the Tees, I will consider to purchase again cause of the price. :p
Material is thin.
Fitting and Low cut. :(
Very comfy. :)

Bought one in Pink and another one in Hot Pink. The Pink one is more Red then Pink though.. Helwa-Fashion is currently selling these comfy tees at only $6.90 each!

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