Thursday, March 08, 2012

Cake is Fattening

Have to start reading labels of food I put into my body..
I knew Cake was fattening but I didn't know it's THAT fattening..

1 Slice = 676kj
3 Slices = 2028kj

For girls my size would need about 6000-7000kj a day.
To lose weight I need to cap my food intake to about 4000-5000 kj a day.

No more cakes until after June 22nd.. :P


Blackmentos said...

Haha...don't worry too much! Don't just look at the KL/calories!

It's 8 servings for one box...but you could easily cut 10 or 15 slices after baking the whole the kl would be less if you ate one slice.

Focus on the type of sugar, amount of salt, types of fats...those are more important that just how many slices!

There are a lot of other brands of cake mix with lower sugar/fat levels :))

Young Werther said...

Unfortunately if you have 3 slices of course it's fattening :)

Moderation in everything...

esthermii said...

onced a while can eat eat..dun too strict in life ...

life is short!!