Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pluck my own brows.

13th December, noticed brows are super messy and decide to clear some of the strays.

Keeping brows tidy, is one of the best "pick up" for your face.

I believe this is one of my first post on eyebrow threading in 2009. Comes with before and after photo. :D .

The first time I did my eyebrow treading was a few years back.. and I'm hooked since then.. Whenever I feel like my facial features are too blunt/flat, or my whole face looks very tired and restless, I'll go for eyebrow treading. :)

Neaten brows will frame your face and you'll look more alert. For those who have never tried to shaping your brows before, would suggest you get a professional to assist you with this.

Throughout the years I've tried various ways to neaten my brows and the following are my views, hopefully would be able to help you make a choice of which way is suitable for you. Do note that these are my personal views which you can use it as reference, however I would suggest doing a bit more research before making your final decision.

*Price reference true to my knowledge at moment of writing this entry and it's in SGD. :)

Eyebrow Threading ❤❤❤❤
Pain: I find that it's bearable since it's normally done really quickly.
Time: Under 3 mins.
Price: Ranges from $6-$15 depending on where you get them done.
Remarks: Most of the time would get them to thread those fine hairs on upper-lip too.
Favourite Place: Vanessa's at Buffalo Road (Little India) Eyebrow + Upper-lip at only $10*
Other Locations: Browhaus (difficult to book and more expensive), many neighborhood salons offers this service too. :)

Eyebrow Tweezing/Plucking ❤❤❤
Pain: If you find a good brow artist, you wouldn't feel much pain at all. But so far 90% of the time it's still pain, so I don't really like getting them plucked. :'(
Time: 3-5 mins, depending on the skill of the eyebrow artist & how much strays you have. :D
Price: Ranges from FOC to $15 depending on where you get them done.
Remarks: Normally comes free with facial or makeover at cosmetic counters, you can even learn to do them yourself at home too. :)
Favourite Place: Home. I try not to pluck them unless I really really don't have the time to get them threaded.
Other Locations: Neighborhood salons, beauty counters, even some hair salons offer this service too! :)

Eyebrow Waxing ❤❤
Pain: Somewhat painful. :( Especially for my wallet. :P
Time: 15-20mins? Longer time as you have to wait for wax to heat up and to cool.
Price: More expensive! Ranges from $16 to $25 depending on where you get them done.
Remarks: There's waxing for upper-lips too. :D
Favourite Place: None. I don't really fancy paying so much each month for my brows. :p
Other Locations: Pink Parlour ($19.25), Benefit Brow Bar ($22), Strip ($25/$30-Man)

Eyebrow Shaving ❤
Pain: Zero pain (unless you cut yourself -.-')
Time: Under 3 mins
Price: Mostly FOC
Remarks: Normally comes free with facial, makeover at cosmetic counters, you can even learn to do them yourself at home too. Not recommended as hair grows out very fast since it's not removed from the roots.
Favourite Place: Home. For days my skin is all sensitive and I can only resort to shaving to tidy my brows.
Other Locations: Neighborhood salons, beauty counters, most places offers this service.

This is not an advertorial, just a regular sharing post from yours truly. Hopes this blog post helps you in choosing the best "treatment" for your brows. :)

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