Monday, December 26, 2011

Nail Addict Journal 23/Dec

I failed to keep my hands off gmarket, and bought more random nail stuffs.

Total damage: S$30.50 (inclusive of registered post)

French Tip Sticker (1 for S$2.30, 3 for @$6.30, free normal post)

Nail Art Dotting Tool Set + free gift (S$7.80, free normal post)

One end is all the same size the other end is 5 different sizes.

This is the Free Gift. A pack of 2mm silver rhinestones.

2mm White Pearl (S$5.80, free normal post)

3mm Pink Pearl (S$5.80, free normal post)

Bought 2mm White and 3mm Pink but Pink looks a lot bigger, I measured using ruler and the measurements are correct. Would be great if there's 2mm pink and other colours too.

Little box of 2mm Rhinestones (S$4.90, free normal post)

Nail Art Glue with brush (S$2.30, free normal post)

A small little bottle, took a photo of it together with an AA battery as comparison. Comes with a brush inside but yet to use it so not sure if it's good.. :D

Free Gift. :D

Can't wait to try them out! :P

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