Monday, June 27, 2011

Lousy Service + lousy food.

Sometime back I went out with my friends to have dinner. We walked from Cityhall to Iluma cause we wanted a change.

We were hungry and chose a Japanese restaurant we've not tried before since it's still open..

Cute Lil box for Toothpick. :D

My Meal. Not so fresh fish. -.-

The worse over-cooked Edamame I've ever had. -.-'

Friend A's Meal. Too spicy and too Korean then Japanese. lol.

Friend B's Meal. Meat too fatty. Minus flour, it's like more than 50% of it is fat. -.-'

Worse meal so far. :(

Skinniest Shishamo I've seen so far.

Skinny and small. :p

Taste-less Squid. -.-

Hard and tasteless. :(

The service is so poor I really have to rant here..
We ordered our meals with green tea. We were almost done with the meal and yet no drinks can be seen. Had to request for our tea to be served. -.-'

Whenever we want to order food, or call for the bill, there's always no one around to serve us. Totally regret stepping in. Guaranteed 3 of us will not step in again.

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