Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adding on to my OPI collection..

Recently in ❤ with OPI nail polish.
❤ the smooth-ness and easi-ness to apply and how the colours always comes out in a way it's so pretty. :D

My regular OPI shop is having some sales promotion and some of the nail polish were going for S$10 each! Yes, you've heard read right.. S$10 for 1 authentic normal size bottle of OPI nail polish (inclusive of free normal local postage!)

After purchasing the really awesome Pirates of the Caribbean, I decide to add more brighter/darker colours to what I currently have.. So I've more colours to play around with. :D

6 Bottles of OPI Nail Polish + 1 Bottle of Nail Polish thinner. :D
Total Damage this time: S$72.90

❤ The seller gave me complementary free Smartpac delivery. :D

Me ❤s Individually bubble wrapped bottles. :)

❤ these pretty babies. :D

E50, L00, H45

H20, A36, A16

Painted these in a rush. :p

Bright colours comes out nice and not streaky.. Me ❤s..

Really pretty colours right? :D

H20 + A36 tips.
Suitable for day to day work. A lil bling without looking like I'm "trying too hard". :D

Currently own 2 pinkish "nude" colours from OPI. One's Passion the other is Hearts & tarts, both makes my nails look healthy and pretty. By far the best nail polish I've ever owned.. :D

If you're interested in getting these darlings..
You can contact Fred at through his facebook link at

I'll try to make time to blog about the other OPI colours I own. :D
Bought a long while back... :) ❤❤❤

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gusDon said...

I have sister who liked this, but then he was often reprimanded by the boss ... and do not use it anymore!