Saturday, May 21, 2011

23rd Birthday Treat (Part 1) 22-23rd April 2011

*This post is full of photos, those with slow Internet connection, you have been warned!!*

This year, hubby decide to celebrate my birthday early.
After a very busy month, we decide to recharge ourselves at.. Pan Pac again. :D

My backpack. :D

Lots of people staying over..

Hubby looking at pretty girls.. :p

Hubby laughing at me. -.-

One day.. I'll dare to wear swimsuit again..

View from lift..


In we go.. :D

We got a suite.. :D

"living room"..

Washroom A.

Dining Table. :D

Good place for meeting.. :D

Enter the other room.. A work station..

The very wonderful bed. :D

We're so near the swimming pool! :D

Vanity Room/Washroom B.
I've got a video on my facebook of all the rooms. :D

Magazines I don't even bother to browse. :p

Random camwhore shot..

With hubby. :)

Act Cute. :D

Muacks. :p

Instant photos. :D


What's outside..

The lift..

Bubble lift..

Hubby on his lappie..

Another happy shot. :D

Night view of the pool..

Me acting cute and hubby watching show on tv with hands in his pockets. lol.


23rd Morning..

Lift going down..

Random. :D

Place for Breakfast. :D

Plate 1.

Bowl 1.

Plate 2.

Plate 3 & Bowl 2.

Going back to room after pigging out. :D

Bright bright..

Time to go... :(

End of entry.

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makeupbyjem said...

The room you are staying in looks so beautiful