Monday, April 25, 2011

SPH ate my subscription order.

That could be one of the reason as to why I've not receive any magazine after paying for a 2 year subscription.

On 20th December 2010, I subscribed to HER WORLD magazine and was told that subscription would start from March 2011 issue.

I know the date because I had blogged about the lucky draw gift which I've gotten at the Raffles City roadshow:

Today, I walk pass the newstand and they are already selling the May issue but I've yet to recieve a single issue. -.-'

Early this month, I called their subscription hotline to enquire on the status of my subsciption. A staff tells me their system show that I did not have an subscription with them for Her World Magazine. I told her I had gotten the subsciption at their roadshow and would like to speak with someone who can assist me with this issue. She put me through to another staff who then tells me that I've got a 1 year subsciption? and after knowing that I've not recieve the March issue she says they will be sending me my March issue. It's almost end of April and I've yet to see a single issue! -.-'

It's 4 month since I've paid for my subsciption order, really wonder where my order went to... outer space??


mizzsandychau said...

oh that sucks. you should complain until they give you a refund, or at least a free year lol

ea said...

!!! liddat $100 gone leh

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

mizzandychau: Had gotten my hubby to send a complain email but there's no respond from them. :(

ea: Yes! Waste my time waiting for their magazine. I want to read but don't dare to buy because scared they suddenly send.. Damn pissed. duno where my money and order gone to.. :(

ea said...

& they dare to offer u the March copy when May issue is already out?
U got receipt from them?
keeping on calling them, if not go down to SPH
$100 leh, not a small amount