Tuesday, April 19, 2011


19 April 2011
Grandfather in law's funeral.

A short 15mins post.
Just want to mark this day.

Ah ma is stronger than I am. Every time I see her cry I just can't stop my tears. :'( Sending ah gong off is something I didn't expect to be so soon. I'm just a grand daughter in law but sometimes they treat me better then my own grandparents do. Never did I expect myself to tear so much. Even as I type this I'm tearing. Shall stop soon before hubby gets angry. He doesn't like to see me all teary.

Thank you all for the care and concern. A big thank you to those who have to put in more effort because I had to be away and for my company for sending flowers. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

April's not a good month for me.
Been to the Doctor's 3-4 times this month, another one coming soon this week.
Really tiring month.

Off to rest.


Anonymous said...

sis, my deepest condolence to you. can understand the pain of sending a love one off. but do pls take care of your health too.

ea said...

*sayang & hugz*

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

ireneyksoh: Thank you. I'm trying to eat healthier now.

ea: *hugs*