Thursday, December 09, 2010

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010

This time decide to participate in "Behind the Scene" instead of running.

It'll be suicidal if I suddenly run 10km without at least 1 or 2 trial runs.. Though I doubt there's any place to actually run the full 10km with the number of people walking.. -.-'

Decide to stay over at ShaMei's place so someone can wake me up..

Slept 2hours and off we go...

It's like 2AM where our minds are confused. To be excited or to be sleepy.

After collecting our snacks and Volunteer Tees, we spent 2-3hours standing around the meeting place doing nothing but wait. -.-'

I can see my office from where I was standing. :D

Walked 1KM from meeting point to our duty station: F1 Pit!

Where we had our super early breakfast at 5am?

While waiting for instructions... Last photo I took before zonking off for half an hour or so.

Supposed to be in charged of 900 baggage..

Heh. Our workstation.

Waiting for baggage to come in so we can unload..

Night Sky..

Early Morning Sky!

Good Morning! :D

This is the closest I've been to the SG Flyer. :p

FREE 100 Plus! Supposedly for the runners to drink after their run but I see a lot people putting 4cans, 6cans into their bags. -.-''

Our 900 bags become 90 bags. -.-' One of the most relaxed group..

Thank God our lunch is much better than breakfast. :p

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Young Werther said...

Must be a killer running in the Singapore heat!