Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meetup with Lynn 17 Nov 2010

A very impromptu meet up with MY WALKING BUDDY. :D

Met at Cityhall Mrt.

After brunch walked back to raffles city to check if the place which I have an eyebrow threading package had any slots. That damn place is ALWAYS booked! :( So decide to travel to my favourite eyebrow treading place.. Little India!

For some reason we decide to walk to Esplanade to take the circle line to change to NEL.
I think I remembered the station wrongly or something. hee.. :D

*by the way I really hate the bench in the station. I can't seat on it, I can't place my bag on it. I wonder why they had it in the first place?? -.-''

After eyebrow threading, we decide to walk from Little India back to Marina Square so I can buy some cheap pillows. :D
Yes, both of us actually talked and walked all the way.

On the way to Marina Square we passed by quite a few places.
Sim Lim, NAFA, BrasBasar, and Raffles City again.

There's this Christmas tree at Raffles City which you can walk into and inside there are photos of the Trees representing Raffles City for the past 10 years.

After our encounter with the tree, we walked to Marina Square, got my pillows and walked to Plaza Singapura so I can shop at Daiso! :D

Don't ask me how we walked, I only know we just walked and walked and walked, didn't rest at all for many hours. Just talk and walk.. oh and we went into many shops along the way. Like the 3 stories This Fashion store before walking to PS..

Didn't really take many photos coz my bags are quite bulky, thus difficult to take out my camera. So these are some photos I took at Plaza Singapura..

We parted after some cheap sushi dinner we packed at Carrefour. :D
Took train back.

My loots for the day!
2 Pillows for S$25 (voucher)
1 Bowl full of things from Daiso for S$18
Pen + Notebook from MPH for S$3.30 (Passion card 10% discount)

This is my bed and I share my bed with these babies. All from prize machines. :D

I walked so much today I think I lost like 5grams. :P

Monday, November 15, 2010

I need to get my brows threaded soon!!!

Someone please remind me to book a slot!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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