Monday, August 23, 2010

Lost a cup

Never believed in eating less to lose weight because I believe by exercising I will get the results I wanted.

As the days to my photoshoot comes nearer and nearer, now I fear!
I might not lose enough fats to look good in photos. :(

The past 1 week plus I have been cutting dow my carbo intake and to my suprise I did lose some fats! I dropped 1 cup size! Should I carry on with this? I don't want to end up looking flat chested but still chubby everywhere else. :(


Random photo of a cute kitty to "destress" a little..

oh. I finally decide to colour my hair some dark chocolate but I have yet to fix a date for it. :p


Young Werther said...

Why the diet? Never thought of you as a fatty!

I'd stay with the curves!

Wenn wenniee said...


cut down in dinner shld be a better way to lost kg..

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Werther: But my chubbiness don't look good on paper. :(

Wenn: I can don't eat lunch cause when I'm busy it's easy but no dinner is very hard for me leh. :(

Wenn wenniee said...

if really dinner..
just eat chicken,fish and veg ..soup..

no rice!!!