Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Web Hosting

Are you a blogshop owner?
Have you been toying with the idea of moving out from blogshop to a e-commerce shop?

I had.

With bloshops on free blogging platform it's really hard to keep track of what items are sold, what stocks are there left and things like that. An E-Shop would give me Shopping carts and proper product catalogs which would make shopping so much easier for my customers.. So I decide to look for web hosts.. there are so many companies it's really hard to determined which is better, and then someone introduced me a site with lots of reviews on web hosting providers!

All reviews of the individual providers states the pricing and even a rating column at the end of the page stating rating stars for Price, Customer service, Technical support, Features, Reliability/Uptime and Overall user-friendliness.

No time to look through all the reviews to look for something good? Check out the Top 10 Web Hosting & also the Popular Web Host Reviews on the right column of the page!

Hope this site will help you to find your dream web hosting provider! :)

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