Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Love for T Shirts.

I love Tees. Because they are comfortable and fun! I wear them to sleep, I wear them to go shopping, to watch movie, to eat dinner.. If I can wear to work, I will wear to work too! :p

The thing is, I'm quite fussy about the material of clothing. I don't like uniform kind of material. Feels prickly to my skin. :p and my favourite kind is actually Tee shirt material. Most of them makes me feel light and carefree, no frills and some of them even have interesting fun designs. :)

I came across a website that sells unique tshirts and customized tshirt! They have many unique Tshirts and one of my favourite has to be the food tshirts designs!!

The best thing about this website is that they not only allow you to customize tshirts, you can even customize hoodies, tote bag, journals, magnets, photo clocks and many more! :)

Maybe you're not interested in one or 2 shirts, maybe you're interested in starting a t-shirt company. Printmoji will be able to help you! :)

When you make it big, don't forget that you got information from here at k.. ;)

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