Saturday, March 06, 2010



A couple of days back, I was walking home when I saw the convenience stall owner. I frequent his shop nearby my parent's house since I moved to this current place more than 10 years ago.. Suddenly feel a little sad that I've moving away from someplace that I'm so used to. :(

To make myself look forward to moving, I decided that I should window shop online. I thought Dinnerware would be fun and that's why when I came across a site that sells kitchenware I was super excited! ;)

I like all of those sets stuffs. They look so neat and perfect for my future little home.. :( Too bad I'm only moving to a rented room, if only I have my own little house.. I would buy something like this. A whole set makes me feel so cozy.. :)

I saw this button/link call flatware and I was curious what was flatware so I clicked on it. I didn't know there are so many designs! Curious? Click on the flatware word with hyperlink on it? :)

After seeing so many kitchen items I felt the urge to check out site with food recipes. Food Network has quite a few recipes. There are some Quick and Easy recipes, some for Holidays and Parties and even recipes for Healthy Eating! Now if only I'm not so lazy to wash the plates. :p

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