Saturday, February 27, 2010


My owner has no life.
She have nothing to blog about.
Being her personal blog is boring and she only uses me to advertise her other blogs which is only used to sell cheap stuffs. Why can she have more class and sell expensive goods? -.-'

Being me is so tough lah.
When she is happy she post many many photos.
When she is not happy she use me to vent anger.
Sometimes use me to make money. But now that you stop coming here to see me, she doesn't want to blog anymore. What a practical b*tch right?

I figure out that if you come here more often, maybe she will start posting nice things on me. Instead of those cheap sprees advertisements..

So please take pity on me and come here to see me often?
I will give you a virtual kiss in advance. *MUACKS*

With pleading eyes,

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