Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 Sprees / PreOrder ending this Saturday!

Cute stationaries preorder/spree!
No handling fee, No agent fee, No courier fee, Low shipping!
If total amt hit 5kg, can get discount off international shipping! Currently only about 1kg or so..
CLICK ME or the picture below. :)


Accessories Spree / PreOrder 1
20 Bracelet/Bangles, 45 Rings & 25 Necklaces!
Fast Spree bonus: 10% discount only for this spree!!
Click Me or the picture below. :)


Left 2 days only!!!
Will not be opening Cute Stationaries spree anytime soon!
& 10% discount for accessories spree is only for this spree. No 10% discount for spree 2!

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