Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you like my current blogskin?

Do you prefer:
A: The old one
or B: This current one.

I like it cause it's really simple. So what do you think?
Leave some comments at the comments area k? Thanks! :)

PS: I have just launched the CLOSING DOWN SALE over at
Yes, I have finally decided to close it down because I don't have the time and space to continue with it.

If you're thinking of opening a blogshop, or your clothing blogshop need accessories to match your items for photoshoot, do check out this Closing Down Sale for super good deals. (:


Young Werther said...

Love the blogskin, clean is good!

Sorry to hear about your blog shop :'(

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Young Werther, Thanks. hahas.
I'm not terribly sad to close it off, wasn't really making money there..