Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This year I got more treats then physical items for pressies.
I've got a few meals, a hotel stay & VS shopping spree for my pressies. :)

Below.. Are pressies from collegues and friends. :D

From a very lovely someone..

My first MAC product! :D

From my supervisor & his girlfriend I think. :D

Body Lotion.. :D

And one of my favourites.. Etude House Pen..
The pen everyone else is fighting for... :p

Ends my short list of pressies.. Till next year.... :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

Things I want to do/have before 2010 ends..

  1. Mani/Pedi 09/12/10
  2. Exercise
  3. Hair Colour + Treatment 24/12/10
  4. Movie-ing 19/12/10
  5. Prawning
  6. Buy Shinee Album 10/12/10
  7. SG Hotel Stay
  8. Facial 11/12/10
  9. Make up brushes 12/12/10
  10. New undergarments 16/12/10
  11. MP3 Player 18/12/10
  12. KBox-ing
  13. Chalet-ing
  14. New Matteress + Cover
  15. Pack my room!
  16. 3 Sets of New Office Clothes!
  17. Save at least S$2,000 in my raining day account.
  18. Go Jogging more often
  19. Complete watching Shinee Hello Baby 19/12/10
  20. Blog at least once a week

Subscribe to Magazine & get free gifts worth what you've spent.

S$50 (Usual Price S$72) for 1 year subscription of Her World Magazine.
S$100 (Usual Price S$144) for 2 years subscription of Her World Magazine.

Every S$50 = 1 Lucky Draw Chance.

Subscibed to 2 years and I got these in the lucky draw..

Juicer for my Mother-In-Law since she always juice orange juice for us.. :D

This looks expensive.. Anyone tried this brand before? Is it good? :D

Anyone want to subscibe and let me have the free lucky draw chance? :p

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Classic Manicure + Classic Pedicure @ only S$35!

A colleague's partner recently started her own home-based salon after a few years of experience. Since it's been a really long time since I've got my nails done, decide to pay her a visit one day after work to try out her service.

Located in Choa Chu Kang, those staying in the west have a new place to do their nails!

Opening's Special Price List!
Express Manicure S$5
Express Pedicure S$9
Express Manicure + Express Pedicure S$12
Classic Manicure S$17
Classic Pedicure S$20
Classic Manicure + Classic Pedicure S$35

Other Nail Services like Nail Art, French Tips, Temporary Nail Tips Extension are available, do call to find out more. :)

  • Use brands like OPI, not any cheapo brands!!
  • Massage strength is just nice, not too hard not too soft. :)
  • Remove cuticles well too, cause for the first time I actually didn't feel anything!
  • Good painting skills cause my nails are quite small so most people have problem painting my small nail, especially my little pinky.
  • AirCon is switched on the whole time. :D
  • Very friendly, we were hungry she actually gave us hot water to cook cup noodles which we bought from 7-11. :p
  • She has 2 very young and cute puppies, those that doesn't like dogs might need to inform her in advance. If you like cute animals like me, this could be a PRO rather then Con. :D
  • Since it's home-based, don't expect the place to be spacious like normal shop salons..

Chosen this sweet light pink nails that's fit for any occasion. :)

Love love love my shinny bright pink toes.. Love the loudness! :p

If you want pretty nails like mine, call Michelle @ 8189-6018! :)

I'm writing as an review to introduce a friend's new business.* :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Random updates

Other than spending money excessively, these are the things that happened this week..

Muscle pain + lift on maintenance. Combo hit. lol.

Finally done my mani/pedi! Love love love my nails!

Classic Mani + Classic Pedi at only S$35!
Will update on the place where I did my nails soon. ;)

After 1 whole month of pondering, finally bought 2 repackaged Shinee albums. :D

Mad loves~

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010

This time decide to participate in "Behind the Scene" instead of running.

It'll be suicidal if I suddenly run 10km without at least 1 or 2 trial runs.. Though I doubt there's any place to actually run the full 10km with the number of people walking.. -.-'

Decide to stay over at ShaMei's place so someone can wake me up..

Slept 2hours and off we go...

It's like 2AM where our minds are confused. To be excited or to be sleepy.

After collecting our snacks and Volunteer Tees, we spent 2-3hours standing around the meeting place doing nothing but wait. -.-'

I can see my office from where I was standing. :D

Walked 1KM from meeting point to our duty station: F1 Pit!

Where we had our super early breakfast at 5am?

While waiting for instructions... Last photo I took before zonking off for half an hour or so.

Supposed to be in charged of 900 baggage..

Heh. Our workstation.

Waiting for baggage to come in so we can unload..

Night Sky..

Early Morning Sky!

Good Morning! :D

This is the closest I've been to the SG Flyer. :p

FREE 100 Plus! Supposedly for the runners to drink after their run but I see a lot people putting 4cans, 6cans into their bags. -.-''

Our 900 bags become 90 bags. -.-' One of the most relaxed group..

Thank God our lunch is much better than breakfast. :p

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meetup with Lynn 17 Nov 2010

A very impromptu meet up with MY WALKING BUDDY. :D

Met at Cityhall Mrt.

After brunch walked back to raffles city to check if the place which I have an eyebrow threading package had any slots. That damn place is ALWAYS booked! :( So decide to travel to my favourite eyebrow treading place.. Little India!

For some reason we decide to walk to Esplanade to take the circle line to change to NEL.
I think I remembered the station wrongly or something. hee.. :D

*by the way I really hate the bench in the station. I can't seat on it, I can't place my bag on it. I wonder why they had it in the first place?? -.-''

After eyebrow threading, we decide to walk from Little India back to Marina Square so I can buy some cheap pillows. :D
Yes, both of us actually talked and walked all the way.

On the way to Marina Square we passed by quite a few places.
Sim Lim, NAFA, BrasBasar, and Raffles City again.

There's this Christmas tree at Raffles City which you can walk into and inside there are photos of the Trees representing Raffles City for the past 10 years.

After our encounter with the tree, we walked to Marina Square, got my pillows and walked to Plaza Singapura so I can shop at Daiso! :D

Don't ask me how we walked, I only know we just walked and walked and walked, didn't rest at all for many hours. Just talk and walk.. oh and we went into many shops along the way. Like the 3 stories This Fashion store before walking to PS..

Didn't really take many photos coz my bags are quite bulky, thus difficult to take out my camera. So these are some photos I took at Plaza Singapura..

We parted after some cheap sushi dinner we packed at Carrefour. :D
Took train back.

My loots for the day!
2 Pillows for S$25 (voucher)
1 Bowl full of things from Daiso for S$18
Pen + Notebook from MPH for S$3.30 (Passion card 10% discount)

This is my bed and I share my bed with these babies. All from prize machines. :D

I walked so much today I think I lost like 5grams. :P

Monday, November 15, 2010

I need to get my brows threaded soon!!!

Someone please remind me to book a slot!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now playing...


Listening to: 周杰倫's 跨時代 (ALBUM)

Watching: MR J. Channel (Variety Show)

Playing: Mousehunt (Facebook) & Little War (Facebook)

Missing: The Hubby

Saving: $ to purchase Christmas pressies for loved ones

Indulgences: FOOD, Shopping & more FOOD!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Been busy at work.

Someone took 2 weeks leave so I had to cover her job while someone else covers mine.

New system introduced at work, working out notes for everyone.
Everyone's saying I look like I'm a stock broker cause I'm using 2 computers. -.-
1 server for the new system, 1 for normal day to day usage.

Too busy with work that every night I'm too tired to blog. :(

When my colleague's back, my supervisor will be going for his reservist and I'll need to cover his duties.. Sweet! Pray I'll not screw things up! Totally fear screwing up and getting fired! :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 3

22nd September 2010 (Wednesday)

The day that I Walk and Shop till I Drop.
After breakfast, laze around a bit before moving out.
First place - LongShan Temple!

The temple looks normal outside but inside it's like a mini maze to me!
And everywhere you turn there are people. It's a weekday afternoon yet it's super pack!

It's been raining for the past 2 days, so I decide to wear my jacket out.
Wrong choice!!
It's so hot that after the temple visit I had to take my jacket off and poor hubby have to carry it for me cause he's the only one with bag. :P

After temple visit we decide to go Miramar.
Those who often watch Taiwan drama will find this place very very familiar :D
Notice the difference with my hair?? Sweats! -.-'

There is this huge bowl thingy outside the shopping mall and hubby tell me it's ash tray build for smokers. I actually believe him until I turn my head and notice another one with plant on it. -.-''

Got bored after a while and decide to go find food.
They have special place for ladies to wait for train at night.

If you're visiting Taiwan must try their Lu Rou Fan.
The whole trip we tried a total of 3 places and the best is the first one we went..
the famous Formosa Chang!
I can have 2 bowls of rice at 1 go. :D And I also like their bitterguard soup. :D

After filling our tummies, we walked to this wholesale place (Too many cars on the streets so I only bought 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of skirt with shorts underneath), walked to raohe night market also didn't buy much (1 romper). -.- Then walk and took train and walk to another night market which we found on the map. Totally glad I married a man who can read maps and bring me go shopping. :D oh I bought 1 vest, 1 dress, 1 romper, 1 shorts and 1 pair of shoes there! :p

End of Taiwan Trip Day 3.