Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy 64th Monthniversay!

5 years and 4 months. :)

Another Last day of Work.

Fun fact: I drank more coffee in this past 5 months as compared to the last 21 years. :p

After the "holidays", it's job searching again!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I don't know what to blog about.

I'm in this "I want to blog but don't know what to write" mood. Silly boy is falling asleep watching some Discovery Channel show about cars racing?

We have a Wedding dinner to attend in an hour's time and I've no mood to go out. I just want to sleep.... :(

Tomorrow we have some race in town and I've not trained for it. Hope I survive and finish it..

Oh and we finally manage to get a non-black dress!!! Quite happy about it cause both our mums are so super mad at us for choosing black for everything... Now I only hope my blogshop can start making money so I've money to do facial and mani/pedi... :p

Alright, I got to go dressup and blow dry my hair le.. Later someone wake up and realise I've not done anything yet.. He'll nag again... -.-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Chinese Novel

Sha Mei says it's call Drama Novel..

Anyway, I manage to finish the book quite fast cause I watched like half the show already so didn't have too much problem understanding the character of the characters in the book.

Bought at Kinokuniya.

I think I'll still watch the show because I believe the drama is slightly different from the novel.. :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nice lips day + Taiwan Drama craze..

Friday was nice lips day for me! (:

On lips: Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss PK122 + ZA Pure Shine Lips PK1

Waiting for my Geo lens to reach me.
It's been 7 weeks and it's still not here yet. Kinda sick of waiting le leh.. :(

On a Happier note, I am done with another Taiwan drama! 福气又安康. I started chiong-ing on Friday night, just finish watching the last episode!

Now there's 3 dramas currently showing in Taiwan that I've decided to follow watching every week. Autumn’s Concerto (下一站, 幸福), Momo Love (桃花小妹) and Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心).

Autumn's Concerto, I decide to watch it after I caught the preview by accident and thinks the story is quite nice. Now loading the first episode and am going to watch it before I sleep tonight. :p

Momo Love, I've watched the first 3 episode. First 2 wasn't very very impressive but the 3rd one is damn funny, maybe cause got loads of scenes with Jiro. :) This show is also currently showing in Singapore Channel U, by the way.

Hi My Sweetheart, is a comedy and I really like comedies lah. so of cause I'll watch loh. :p

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My skin need rest!

The past month, been testing out various skincare products + I fall sick recently.. so my face decides to protest by breaking out badly!!

The last time it was so bad was sometime in sec school I think.. It's so bad I was scrambling, looking for the those pimple gel thingys I used to use.. but alas.. I remember I just threw the one I've been using for years away (way past expiry) and the other is some sealing gel that I was testing and it wasn't really working for me.. So I went to look for any mask to calm my skin.. but all the mask is either for whitening or moisturising.. Super sads. Then my usual cleanser decide to finish at the same time!

Hubby not around to comfort me, I feel so sads loh.. So just randomly pick one mask to use. Luckily didn't make it worse.. phew... So the next day I immediately went to Watson to buy some treatment masks, some blemish clear pen? and facial wash.

Which is then I realise most of the mask product on display are all those for whitening lah, moisturising lah.. Took me very long to find one that is not too expensive and yet is suitable for my current condition de.. Not that whitening is not useful.. it's useful to lighten marks after the breakouts lessens and clears but while the skin is irritated, I don't advise anyone to use anything that is too strong on the skin.

Yeah, so the bad breakouts is one of the reasons why I've not been taking much zi lian photos..
The other reasons being that my contact lens haven been delayed for many weeks and also I've yet to get my brow treaded. :( Once my skin clears up and I get my contact lens, will quickly get my brows thread-ed.. then can camwhore away~~~ :p

The other day wanted to use pressed powder to cover and protect my terrible skin but my pressed powder became powder let me pour away liao, so I end up have to go buy one cheap one at Watsons. But I got use before de lah.. so should be alright.. :p

Now my skin needs lots of protection and rest. Wish my face clears before hubby come back ah.. if not later he see my face then don't want me liao how? :p
He read this sure will scold me de loh...

oh yah. I still coughing loh! but only after I drink cold drinks or I'm in air-con room!
Which is why I keep coughing in office. :(

Alright. I rant enough liao..
Mask also put long enough liao.. Shall go rest le..

Overdue Contest Post!!!

I totally forgot that I've a contest post to write!!!

About a month back, I received an email in my email box..


*paiseh, went to print screen the email.


I won an Acnes Creamy wash hamper! :)

Got a little busy and didn't have time to dropby until one Friday..
I had a no-pay leave so I dropped by Cityhall to get my hamper before I went to ShaMei's chalet..

My Hamper.. :) The bed is not my house bed hor.. It's the chalet bed... :D

In the hamper there is..
1 x DFC CD - which I gave away..
1 x Notebook - which is tuck at the pile of precious junks beside my bed.
& 1 x Acnes Creamy Wash

So, what do I think of Acnes Cream Wash?
It's a normal cleanser.

Yes, to me this is a normal cleanser. I'm not going to bullshit and say this is damn good. I believe everyone have different taste and likes, and have different skin conditions so I do not want to bluff people and say this is a very good product when to me it's just a normal cleanser.

(Out) Look: I'm not used to the outlook. Looks a bit complicated to me?
(In) Look: Normal creamy/foam cleanser look?
Smell: Average, not too strong. (A tinge of lime?)
Foam-ability: Easy to foam.
Clean-ability: Overall cleans well, doesn't leave any stingy or tight feeling.
Affordability: Not expensive. (Teenager OK)
Most sutiable for: Teenager! (My brothers are currently using)
Would I buy: Maybe. I actually bought for my brothers to use but they didn't really love it very very much so I guess I might not purchase it again)

Additional words: Personally, I prefer another cleanser so I don't think I will purchase this for myself to use. If you have yet to find your prefect cleanser, you can give this a try! Fr3b has free samples!

Now.. onto the contest.

I'm supposed to write a blog entry and then try to get people to vote for me so that I can win 1 year supply ACNES products (Top 3 highest vote).

So why should YOU vote for me?
Because 3 voters will stand to win a 1 year supply of ACNEs products too!!
Plus, anyone can vote! YOU don't even need to be a Fr3b member!
Though I don't know anyone who doesn't like free samples. :D

Wah, I took 1 hour to write this!
So.. remember to Vote for me!!

Click on the picture to vote for me! :)