Thursday, October 22, 2009

flu again!

I am so weak lah.
Keep falling sick. :(

Have to be good citizen, sick liao have to stay home.. don't anyhow walk, don't because of work cannot finish and go to work.. Now I'm resting at home but I super worried that when I go back on Monday I might just die there. -.-

I hate falling sick cause I cannot get much things done when I'm sick. :(

Today + Tomorrow's damage:
Doctor + Medication: 33 dollars
Bought food from NTUC: 27++ dollars
No work = no pay x 2 days: 105 dollars

Super sianz..
I suspect it's because I go out to buy lunch yesterday, then I sweat a lot then suddenly in the super cold aircon room, so I caught a cold loh.. Yesterday late afternoon nose start to run until now. My nose not tired I very tired ah. :(

I miss hubby very much. :(


js said...

chris: do take care.. get well soon =)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Thanks JS! :)

Jas said...

rest well and concentrate on getting well, don't worry so much =)