Monday, September 21, 2009

Super Long Weekend

Been buying lots of stuffs which hubby terms as "useless", okay some of them are quite useless lah. He still buys some of them for me anyway. He will make me pay for some of the things so that I will feel heart-pain after spending money and will stop buying things. hahas.

(He is actually sleeping behind me, after I type finish the first para he actually jump up from his sleep, look at me and fall back to sleep. -.-'')

I'm lazy to take photos..
So here are some of the things I bought in the past couple of days + the reason I bought them. :p

Magazine - SGD4.20 (Entertainment)
Plain flat shoes - 2 pairs for SGD25.00 (Replace current "work" shoes)
Pinkish Lipstick - SGD10.25 -after 30% discount + $2 off voucher (Got discount + can use voucher!)
Toothpaste - SGD7.75 (My house run out of toothpaste, maid forget to buy. -.-)
Random Teabags - SGD1.95 (To drink in my freezing cold office..)
Panadol Menstrual - SGD5.40 (For cramps lah!)
Mini Retractable lip brush - SGD6.00 (vanity lah can?)
4 packets of yanyans - SGD4.60 (For contest + to snack loh)
2 pairs of Contact lens - SGD32.00 (vanity. :p)
1 dress - swap with items from my blogshop (eh, to clear items from my blogshop faster? :p)

All these are just some of those that I can actually remember. :p

But I'm really very happy lah.
The thing that I'm most happy about is shopping for free samples! I manage to redeem a grand total of 13 samples this week since I was settling stuffs nearby..

Out of the 13 items, at least 5 items are retail sized okay! Woo hoo~
And the best part? I actually like most of them samples I've tried so far.. None of them disappoint me! When I get my pay next month I am considering getting some of those that I really liked! Super good mood now.

(Hubby jumped up, mumbled something and went back to sleep. He must be having really bad dreams.. -.-')

Watch 4 movies (rental DVD) this weekend. Super shiok!

A Night in the Museum 2
Pink Panther 2
Handsome Suit
Just My Luck

We missed all these 4 movies when they showed in the cinema.. So rent to watch loh.
Great Entertainment! :)

(Okie, confirm the hubby is hungry, I shall go changed and go pack supper!)

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Young Werther said...

Now we know what ladies spend their money on!

Me? Bought packet of peanut brittle, box of instant soup and 10 packets of 2 minute Maggie Noodles...