Thursday, September 03, 2009

I feel cheated!!! :(

(30 August 2009)
From Pinkish Brown...

In less than a week become..

(2 Sept 2009)
Yellowish Brown!! -.-

Wahlao. I'm upset with my hair now loh.. :(

Decide to get the bubble hair dye after thinking for 1-2 weeks..

Bought Sweet Pink.

KNN, the colour only last like 2 days? After that become yellowish brown liao.
Now most probably will be spraying my hair black for ROM liao. sianz. stupid hair.
I don't want yellow lah! argh..


Anonymous said...

Oh no, is that true? Is it because you didn't use the colour retaining shampoos? And I think not supposed to wash your hair for 1-2 days after the initial wash. But red hair normally changes to brown after some time one.

I used liese chestnut brown recently and I also noticed that it turns lighter after every wash. So if you want a darker colour maybe can go for the darker shades lor instead of the red shades.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

It's not written anywhere on the box that I'm not supposed to wash hair the next couple of days after the initial wash. :( and the reddish colour only lasted 2 days which I think it's really pathetic loh..

Felt disappointed, maybe cause I had too much hopes on this hair dye.... :(

Young Werther said...

Being blond (or brunette) is not bad :)

KyLA said...


you should go salon dye for your ROM if you want it to stay on.. : )
but colours like RED or blonde will fade.

ive try RED, orange, blonde and it fades to brown after 2 weeks. : )

CALL ME ! We should go shopping soon. just like old times.


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

haiz. I feel stupid now with everyone telling me that Red fades faster. :(

I shall is how it turns out by then, then decide what to do to it..

Yes, Shopping!!!