Monday, September 21, 2009

I exchanged brand new accessories for junks! -.-

Recently I did an exchange/swapping of items from my blogshop with another blogshop because she initiated it and since I wanted to clear some of my items I decide to exchange some items from her blogshop which she stated as Brand New.
Alas, when I received the items I got so shocked!

Read this post for more information.

I didn't know items with stains and holes and tag cut off are counted as brand new in packaging! -.-

Therefore, I shall not entertain any swaps till further notice. If you're interested in swaps, I'm really sorry, because of her, I am not going to entertain you. Blame her if you want but don't scold me for ignoring you hor. I hate disappointments lah!

A pissed off Chicky.

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