Monday, August 24, 2009

The Proposal.

Yes, it's the movie advertisement on the left.

Hubby and I caught it today (23 August) and I'm glad we did.
Lots of funny stuffs in there and Sandra Bullock is really pretty! :)

I cried as usual lah.
Oh.. and the guy in it is really hot! *drools* :p

Was shopping day because I needed to get fbt shorts. I lost my one and only one. :( That one the design really rare de loh. *sob sob*

I remember there was a time where I wore fbt for almost everything. lol. Go downstairs, go orchard. lol. Now only for home wear, go downstairs and sports event bah. Too old to be walking everywhere in fbt short. -.-

Anyway I bought 3 shorts though they are not the design that I like but it's better than no proper shorts to wear bah.. SGD34! Not very cheap but the next time I see it on sales I must remind myself to get a few to put at home!

So since I was out hubby decide to go check out new shoe designs and I decide to look for a pair of shoes to dance in. Almost search through the whole building liao and found this brown one from Asics.

Actual found a few more after that but still this one fits the best. Very comfy also.. but the price!!! lol. If this month I eat lesser maybe next month still can afford. Now really broke! and I need to save money to buy MS office also! The trial one is ending end of the month. :(

Photos taken from Asics's website.

I like the brown one more but then I don't have any clothes that matches it. :(

oh. and recently I found out that my readership drop somemore!
Super sianz.. am I that boring liao?
or I don't update enough isit? :(
Why you all don't like my blogs liao isit??? :'(


Anonymous said...

hey im a loyal reader!!!!

btw, i have emailed you regarding the ntuc talk. do you want to attend?


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

dun wan lah.. The talk like sooo cheem!

**~Pu-3~** said...

Nyeh i love your blog, i always check to see if updated ur blog :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Thank you! :)