Monday, August 10, 2009

NDP 2009

Super lucky! Manage to get a pair of tickets to the actual day NDP. (:
Envy me right? muahahaha..

I decide to bring ShaXiaoMei cause hubby is too busy with work. I thought of a few other names also but I only have 1 pair leh.. Cannot bring everyone that I want to bring there.. :( Not that I don't love you all k...

As usual, we camwhore like mad!!
Most of the photos are taken from her camera because my camera battery is half spoilt lur. I didn't manage to take much photos... Shall go camera battery hunting after I get my next next pay..

I type halfway then realise that I still have a couple of photos in my phone camera. lol. never mind that one wait until I got a lot of time then upload. :p

This is me on my way out to meet ber.
Light makeup cause it's going to melt later. -.-

My tickets. :)

Green Sector rocks! :)

We had lunch at Suntec before going to the floating platform.
Lunch was vegetarian. -.-

Can't remember where/when we took this but I think I look cute here. :p

Once we settled down, we put on our face tattoos~

And camwhore away~~ hahahas..

Ber's glasses become shades..

Our hearts.. I think it's beautiful.. :)

Meh again..

One last shot...

and booom!!

I just couldn't capture the hearts...
I think ber manage to capture a video of it. :)


This one is call raining gold..

While waiting for people to slowly clear away, we camwhore somemore..

and help others to take photos also...

I wasn't trying to act cute de loh. I was smiling brightly for the photos then I see ber shaking head cause of no idea what reason, then I pout. She capture my pout! somemore 2 times also like that. -.-''

See, the picture I take of her is so nice loh...

The last 2 photos are taken by a kind Aunty.
I like my legs in the first picture.

I actually manage to get tickets for the combine rehearsal too. That one I took quite a number of photos of the show, if you want to see, let me know.. then I blog about it.. If no one request then I see when I got mood then post loh. :)

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore! :)


samantha said...

Hey ur friend ber's face tattoo very cute ah!

Young Werther said...

Looks like a great day been had by all! The 50th birthday bash should be BIG!

ea said...

woah u so lucky!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Yeah! I ish luckie~~ :p


Wa so lucky!! I want go also dont have lo, damn sad :(

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Nvm lah. Next year one maybe better leh? :)