Thursday, August 27, 2009

10 reasons why I'll never be Singapore Idol. (lame)

Reason 10: I have stage fright.
When I'm on stage I frighten people!

Reason 9: I cannot sing.
I sound like screaming chicken.

Reason 8: I always forget lyrics or remember wrong lyrics.
Twinkle twinkle little ...?

Reason 7: I can't handle criticism.
They always mishandle me.

Reason 6: I have low self confidence.
My confidence level is even short than me!

Reason 5: I'll melt if I have to sing in the crowd on my own.
Puddle of perspiration.

Reason 4: I'm not friendly enough.
I scare children!

Reason 3: I don't have charm or X factor.
I have lots of fats though, you want some?

Reason 2: No one will vote for me.
They might have the first! only 5 sms votes and all 5 sms votes came from 1 number! yes, my number!

Reason 1: I'm too short!
The camera have problem capturing me. Imagine one row of 7 contestants.. They try to capture each contestant's face as the announce the results.. contestant 1-6 all show face of worry then contestant 7 disappeared? because close up at the same level is air. -.-

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