Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lookie. I actually have lashes!

Have thrown away most of my yearly contact lens cause I forgot when did I start wearing them so better to be safe and throw them away loh.. Now only left this purple one which I quite like. Not really "舍得" to throw it away.. :(

This picture taken this morning while waiting for Defector to order our breakfast at Mac Donalds.

So anyway, decided to curl my lashes near the roots before we went out this morning and suddenly my lashes "appear out of nowhere". lol. I put a coat of my usual clear curling mascara and tadah~ I actually have lashes! lol.

Defector was like asking me if those are my real lashes. -.-
Wahlao eh.. I'm with him for 5 years liao he now ask me they are my real lashes a not. -.-''


Paiseh ah. My digital camera still at his house so you all have to bear with lousy quality photos from my V9's camera loh..

Update again when I have time k...
Now I shall go keep my camera in my bag before I forget to take it home again!

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