Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chicky's 21st Birthday Celebration!

It's almost 3 weeks since my birthday and I've yet to blog about it! -.-''

If you're connected to me on facebook, then just skip this post bah.
The photos are almost all the same. (:

Mummy cooked this for me and I'm missing it nao. :(

On our way to have lunch~

Hubby's lunch + my snacks + my random nail.

Checking in~

I personal feel that the room is smaller than the previous hotel that we stayed at...
But everyone else thinks it's quite big... so it's not big not small. :p

But the view is damn good. :p
And in a couple of years time, it'll be even better! :)

That's me looking all aunty-ish. bleah.

Still exploring...

Unpacked and went to bathe...

Dinner at New York New York with friends, hubby's treat. *muackz hubby*

Some random photos with everyone..

The Brick Cake! :p
and the staffs at NYNY miss-spelled my name. -.-''

I love these photos with my Sha Xiao Mei.. (:

The night view, taken by ber is as nice as the day view right?
Love the skyline..

Sisters camewhore outside. :p

Many failed attempts at taking photos. -.-

Back in the air-con room with my dearests.. :)

My presents!

Trying to camwhore with a stupid fake lash that kept wanting to fall off. -.-

I bathed before opening my present from JS & Serene. (:
I like it. It's a jewellery box. :)

Expensive supper but not too bad in terms of taste but the breakfast is one of the worse I've ever had in Singapore's hotel. -.-''

Hubby and Me, before we left...
We might be back for the higher floors.. Might.. :p


Young Werther said...

Slurp.... noodles.

Great pics! So did you 'borrow' any souvenirs from the hotel :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I took those complimentary tea bags, coffee and sugar. hahas.

nadnut said...

Happy birthday babe!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Thanks Nadnut! :)