Sunday, April 12, 2009

You all never miss me! (3 Movies)

No one ask me to blog. :(
No one say they miss my blog entries. :(
No one miss me. :(
*sob sob*

Anyway.. Want to ask you all hor..
Should I stick to my normal straight "doll" bangs or side swept bangs?
For my normal fringe I'll need a fringe cut soon.. But if it's side swept, means I wouldn't be cutting it loh.. I know. I so mafan troublesome lah..

I just realise I have yet to post photo of me in my funny new specs.
Tadah~ Looks funny on me hor?

Less than 1 month to adulthood and I don't feel like growing up lar! :(

Been watching lots of movies lately..
Watched Shinjuku Incident & Detroit Metal City with hubby before he flew and L.O.V.E with my dearest Shaxiaomei..

Shinjuku Incident is the one with Jackie Chan acting as "bad guy".
NC16 due to some gore scenes. And most parts of the show is in Japanese! -.-''
I'm not a fan of blood and gory scenes but I still quite enjoy the show. It's interesting to see Jackie Chan acting as a "bad guy", committing crimes and stuffs.

Detroit Metal City rocks! Ken'ichi Matsuyama rocks in this show. Playing both characters so well, he is one of the best actors I've ever seen. Those who've watched him in the Death Note Series and "L Change the world" might want to catch DMC. His ability to have many different expressions, makes you laugh. It's another NC16 movie. Hubby was shocked by the lyrics of the songs cause he didn't know it's that vulgar. He enjoyed the movie. I think he laugh more than me loh! :p

L.O.V.E is combination of four short stories. So you're like watching 4 short movies for the price of one! Out of the 4 stories the ones I liked best is the first one and the last one. First one was so touching that I kept tearing lah. The second and third one didn't really left much impression on me, I couldn't even remember what happened. -.-'' The last one is very very very comical and of cause plus the fact that the 7 bang + Prince is so handsome! Argh.. I must have been brainwashed by ShaXiaoMei!!!


ea said...

nah, i was wondering y so long no new post but tot maybe u moving hse so no time to blog lor

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

ooo... okie.. hahas. Haven move yet. If I move I'll let you all now de mah.. :)

Young Werther said...

Didn't want to be rude and demand a blog... I'm no better, too much work to blog.

Opinion, with fringe, have to cut every 2 weeks otherwise it'll tickle your eyeballs. Swept aside and clip less work!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

but I look ugly with clip. :(

Anonymous said...

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