Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Irritating Cab Experience by Chicky

I'm not rich, I always take public transport.
Cab/Taxi is counted as public transport right? :D

Anyway here are 10 Irritating Cab Experience that I wish never have to face again.

1. Smelly Cab.
I regret the instance I get on but I can't get off and say I don't want to take his cab right?

2. Driver does not know where is the location and expect me to tell him how to go.
*especially if it's a place like Marina Square! How can a taxi driver not know where is that??? -.-

3. Driver who's on the phone almost the whole time while driving, huge minus point for those talking super loudly! and somehow most of them speak so loudly as if the other party is semi-deaf de. -.-''

4. Driver in bad mood/likes to scold little girls like me.
When you ask me which route I want you to go by and I say no preference, or the fastest route, please do not scold me like I'm making life difficult for you!

5. Driver who keep coughing and sneezing throughout the ride.
Worse are those who like to use their hands to wipe everything and anything. Like HELLO?? what's a hanky or tissue for?
*I normally try to give the exact amount so I don't get any change..

6. Driver commenting on my life.
Which school I study at does not concern you, whether I'm too old to study a not doesn't concern you, whether I'm too young to get married also doesn't concern you. -.-

7. Drivers who make a big fuse and angrily take money out from their wallet when I give them a 50 dollar note for a $12-$16 ride.
Like Hello?? You have the change, can't you just give me the change and grumble less?? Not like the fare is $5 or something. -.-''

8. Driver who are super talkative and act like PI, keep asking me questions when I already show signs that I'm not interested in talking. *eg listen to mp3 using earphone or playing game on my ds or v9*

9. Driver who doesn't have a single coin on them or lazy to take them out and insist that I give them the exact change. I already say I don't have any coin then can't you just round down that 10-20cents if you really really don't have the change? -.-

10. Driver that like to suddenly step on break.
I'm not saying it happens like once in the whole ride. Sometimes it's a good 4-5 times!

Don't get me wrong, this is what I personally experienced and I don't hate all drivers. In fact, I've met many nice drivers in my life, so please don't say that I'm being unkind and stuffs k?

I've said my piece, so what's your most irritating cab experience?


Jessen said...

Well, I hate those driver that cheats our money and driver that is very talkative.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Maybe should have those service star for cab.

Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

i think u mean "step on the brake".
Yeah, I get very dizzy when they keep doing that. Especially when they make those hard braking.

I think the most eye opening ride for me was a driver who drove a taxi, with just one leg on the pedal and the other on the dashboard. He only puts his left leg on the clutch pedal when he needs to change gear. Which is done rarely, so you will persistently hear the engine running on high rev. It's amazing how flexible this man's legs were.

ea said...

ya ya, i agree with no.7

& u miss out taxi drivers tt curse & swear @ every other driver who cut into their lane..

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Fitness | Design Jurulatih:
yah I meant step on the break. step on break is broken english I think. :p
wow. that guy is practising yoga while driving ah? scary. :p

oo.. but I don't always get drivers that curse & swear at other driver. Complain kings though.... :p

js said...

personal experience: hate it when the taxi driver always purposely drive slowly waiting for the traffic light to turn red..

as a driver on the road: hate them(most of the taxi drivers, not ALL) when they drive recklessly, eg; cutting 3-4 lanes just to get a customer, etc..

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

JS: totally.. hate it when they purposly do that. but sometimes got no prove then can't scold them.

Anonymous said...

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