Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free potato chips + another reward received!

Received quite a number of mails recently.
Alright maybe some items not very recently but I forgot to blog lah okay..

Early March I received this in my letterbox.
This is somewhat a sample pack.
Yes, some survey company sent me free potato chips to try! hek hek hek..
Aren't I lucky? :p

It's not a huge bag but it's really delicious, not to mention, quite addictive!
Looking at this photo makes me want to have some of it now. :(


This one is random.

I paid SGD5.00 for this pack of samples not knowing what is inside. And I regret getting it..

Simply because I've already tried most of these samples!
Bah. I expected better and nicer samples loh!


Yes! I got another reward!

This is one package I didn't expect because I haven been logging into fr3b for very very long!!
Thanks fr3b and sponsor Beauty Credit! :)

My reward for being the top 18 referrals in the month of Feb 2009!

Alright, time to sleep got to wake up at 7am for a 8.30am class later!
Night night! :)