Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines must have sweet sweet de feeling..

My Sha Xiao Mei remind me on Sunday that FeiLunHai's latest album is out.
Since I was outside, Hubby bought it for me.
Anyway, I realise HMV sells it the most expensive. $24.95. -.-

They look so far away from each other on the cover...

Know which 2 are my favourites?
One of them is my part-time hubby. :p

Album's not too bad. First few time listen will have the sweet sweet de feeling, or maybe it's just me. :p If you watch most of their latest dramas you'll like the songs. Maybe they are not the strongest in vocal, but they are cute what! :p

Been busy trying to study, no time to watch their dvd.
Shall watch it later as a reward for trying to study. :p