Friday, September 01, 2017

Mother Tongue Language Symposium (MTLS)

Checked out MTLS on 19th August 2017 and came home with a heavy bag!

It's a great event! It's a pity that we went really late (ard 2.30pm and we spent an hour in a workshop), after the workshop we continued playing for almost 2hrs! we did not manage to participate in all the activities.. There were 40+ booths, we probably covered less than half.

W queued to complete some simple activities at the various booths manned by various community partners like :
  • The National Library Board (Borrowed 2 books and got a free tote bag 😂)
  • Malay Language Centre of Singapore (she she spun the wheel, picked a card and attempted to read the Malay word, ini mata)
  • Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (used a application on the tablet to write some Chinese words)
  • Wildlife Reserves Singapore (She tried to match names of birds in Chinese to the pictures)
  • The Esplanade Co Ltd (Followed the staff to read a simple card) and 
  • Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism (Solve/match a dice puzzle and name the picture)

'Living with Bamboo’ Parent-Child Workshop. It's very interesting, so much that even Ash was interested! Well not for very long but to be able to hold his attention for that long it's an achievement! 😂 The speakers made presenting boring bamboo facts and ideas so fun that I felt enriched too! The simple song and dance is easy to follow and the lyrics are really meaningful too. The Bamboo for them to write/draw on for display is really unique. W wrote the chinese word 叶子 (which means leaf) on it and even drew bamboos on it. She even got to check out some items made out of bamboo, needless to say her favourite is the huge calligraphy brush!

After the workshop we had a little snack break and then back to the hall to play again! 😄 We went thru so many stations that I didn't know which was which. We enjoyed a short drama, she did a corner bookmark, played a few puzzle games and also completed a quest about Ma Liang and his magic paintbrush. (We spent a long time locating this Ma Liang guy to get the token from him to exchange for a badge)

W went up to "stage" for a contest and won a foldable tote bag 😂

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