Friday, June 02, 2017


I have been following a Taiwan teacher on his Facebook live show for a while and this week's topic is on Children's Sleep! This is a super important topic to many mummies, so I thought I should try to summarise it as best as I can..

Initially had just wanted to just translate the points to english to share on Facebook but ended up typing way too much information so it became a blog post.. 😂

1. Children are sleeping at least 1hr lesser compare to children in the past. 
 ~ After 7pm, try not to allow children to have screen-time (Blue light from TV/Tablet/Phone/etc).

2. Naps should not be scheduled too closed to sleep time
~ Eg children find it difficult to sleep if they just woke up from nap 3-4hrs before sleep time.

 * If you find it difficult to make children sleep and start to scold them, it causes them not to be able to sleep too as scolding them would cause their stress level to go up, when stress level is high they will find it even more difficult to relax, thus even more difficult for them to fall asleep. (Instead of letting them nap at 3-4pm where they would wake at 5-6pm, it’s better to let them not take that nap and sleep earlier at night)

3. Secret of the Brain 

3a. Morning Sunlight 
~ Not exposing to enough sun light during the day would cause one not to be able to fall sleep easily at night. Minimum 15mins to 30mins a day.

3b. (Room light)
~ 1hr before sleep, use warm/yellow light instead of white light, room should be dim/not too bright.. Dimmed lights and some soft music would be a good setting for the children.

* If you read to your children, try to read to them earlier instead. Keep reading time to approx. 20mins.

4. Not having enough activities during daytime
~ Too much unused energy?

5. Food taken just before sleep 
~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (High Protein). High amount of protein just before bedtime would result in children finding it difficult to fall asleep. Eg. Milk. High amount = more than 150ml of milk. If they are drinking more than that amount it means that they are not eating enough during dinner!

 ~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (High Sugar).

 ~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (Caffeine).
We do not give coffee to kids however there are some food with caffeine, like chocolates!

 ~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (High Carbohydrates).

 ~ Food to avoid for dinner (Fried Food).
If you do want to give you children fried food, do consider giving them during lunch instead.

 ~ Food that aids sleep : Banana – tryptophan

6. Repeatedly asking your child to sleep
~ It gives them the chance to keep replying you.
Resist telling them off (this is so difficult but I shall try!)

7. Too much high-intensity? activities just before bedtime
~ Children do not sleep well when they are too tired!

8. Vestibular balance activity (前庭平衡觉) 
~ Throwing around, rocking, swinging around, rolling around, jumping around, turning around in circles, shaking, etc.. avoid these activities an hour before sleep.

9. Sensory Brush 
~ Lastly if you have tried all the points on top and your child is still not able to fall asleep, you can try using sensory brush to brush children’s arms/legs/body to help them to relax. (Suitable for toddler up till children in primary school!)