Monday, April 11, 2016

My recent purchase on cotton on. :D

Well.. recently I've expended (expecting) so of cause I need to buy new clothes right? :P

Can no longer fit in some of the clothes so I decide to order some clothes online.. Cotton on was having an online sale so I decide to order through them. :D

Ordered on 5th, received on 8th, which is not too bad considering that delivery was free. :D

I bought total 12 pieces (7 Shorts, 1 dress (sleepwear) and 4 tees) for only $55 including delivery! That's less than $5 per piece!

Clothes are comfortable (soft and not "prickly") and sizing runs big. I'm usually wearing size L clothes but for this order almost all items are size M and there's room to spare!

I was wearing my old pregnancy dresses (yes the ones from 2012) but I had to jab 4x a day and lifting up my dress to jab my tummy is just not very convenient so I'm stuck with shorts and tees for a long while.. Good thing I'm a SAHM, so I am practically dressed down everyday haha. Tees and Shorts for staying at home, marketing, bringing W to school... :D

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Young Werther said...

Waaaah... how many new dresses do you need.
Pity poor hubby having to pay!