Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Edible food.

5 years ago.. I couldn't even cook proper instant noodles (somehow it gives me tummy ache..)

After many failed attempts (in the past few years) I'm finally cooking edible food!
Well at least good enough for me lah!

As I'm mostly eating with my first born, most of my meals would include
Protein (fish/chicken/meat/tofu/beans/egg)
Vegetable for fibre
and some carbs.

Here's just some of the meals I've done recently..
Okay maybe you're not interested.. so well for my own reference? haha.

Lazy day.. I can't remember if this was for lunch?
Chicken, macaroni, vegetable, (mine with spring onion hee)

Fish, Ladies finger, bean sprout, white rice.

White rice, fried egg, mushroom, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower.

Fried cauliflower rice, egg, luncheon meat, green peas, corn, onion, carrot.
Looks like there's no carbs in this meal but just a reminder that vegetables do contain carbs too! :D

Brown rice, tofu, cauliflower, carrots, green veg (idk name), 
ladies fingers, fried tomato and egg, fried fish.

This is my overnight oats, usually for lunch.

Chicken, Macaroni, mushroom, carrots, celery.
Not enough fibre in this.. probably ran out of vegetable that day...

Pasta, ladies fingers, crabstick, eggplant/brinjal , prawns, bean sprout.

Wholemeal mesa or is it beehoon? Minced meat, mushroom, carrot, broccoli.

Long beans, brown rice, seafood soup (bitter guard, tofu, prawns, fish, crabstick, tomato)
Soup base is made using fish bones, chicken bones, ginger and garlic.

Tofu, minced meat with bitter guard
Minestrone macaroni soup (kidney beans, carrots,  tomato, onion, barley, celery)

Broccoli, fried cauliflower rice egg, sausage?, french bean, carrot.

Wholemeal beehoon fish soup (black fungus, carrots, tomato, cauliflower)
Soup base is made using chicken bones, ginger and garlic.

Eggplant/brinjal, bell peppers with bean sprout, chicken, button mushroom, cabbage and broccoli.

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Young Werther said...

Looks delicious.
BTW, I learn my cooking from YouTube :)