Saturday, March 26, 2016

Descendants of the Sun (DOTS)

I'm not really one who follows trends and not really the type who is crazy about love stories.. So why am I watching the latest popular show?

1. Hospital & Military (2 of my favourite components!)
I like to watch hospital, military, investigation/case solving type of dramas so having a combination of both hospital and military in a drama is the main reason why I started watching the show!

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2. More than just the 2 main leads
I like it when a show is not just about the main leads.. It spends enough time on different characters and each character has their own story.. If you read comments about the show you will notice many people actually prefer the love story between another couple and it's really sweet.. :)

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3. Comedy
Parts of the show is serious and heart pumping exciting but there are also many parts that are funny. Like the bromance (how they sabo each other) or some childish scenes that really makes you laugh out loud.. making the drama really enjoyable.

4. Short Drama
With only 16 episodes, I don't have to spend too much time chasing the show!

5. Eye Candies
Song Joong-ki (knew him from early Running Man episodes) , Onew (Shinee), a bunch of topless guys lol.. need I say more? :P

6. Relatable
My significant other is a civil servant so his job is off limits to me which means I can quite relate to the lead's feelings.. It's really not easy to be together with someone who cannot tell you anything about their job. You don't know what they do, sometimes don't know where they are and well you just don't know when they are free to spend time with you or when he will suddenly need to be away after a call..

So these are the reasons why I'm watching this drama, how about you?
Have you watched the show? Do you like or not like it? :D
If you have not decide to watch it, will you watch it after reading my 2 cents worth? :D

Friday, March 04, 2016

Number 2

Curious people have been asking me when's number 2 since I had number 1 for a few years already.. so here.. I'm happy to announce.. we're having number 2!


Hihi, so sorry that I haven been blogging for a long while...

Many months back I found out there are actually people reading my blog, visiting places that I visit often and tried to contact me thru my private social accounts.. It's kinda scary because I didn't think I have much readers not to mention people who followed my blog and literally tried to follow me in real life...

Well so I thought by stop blogging for a while it should put those people off right? I mean like if you can't find much more info then you would probably give up and go stalk someone else right? haha.